Q: How can I stream videos or download for purchase?

A: Please sign up for the membership at LOAD SHOW to use the streaming and downloading for purchase services. Click on the Join button on the upper right of the screen and follow the directions for new user registration. After registration, find your favorite films and select the Add to Cart button and go on to the registration page for billing. After payment, you can stream or download the films from My Page. *Note that films can stream through My Page but downloaded films require an equivalent media player for viewing.

Download films

Q: I cannot download a video.

A: Please check if your device is connected by WiFi or by wire. If your device is a mobile device such as a smartphone and you are using a mobile line such as a 3G line, your connection may be unstable, and it may take longer to download a video or your download may not be fully completed. Also, when downloading from a mobile device such as a smartphone, the device may allow you to play the moive but not to save the video after the download. At LOAD SHOW, we suggest downloading videos from a PC.

Q: Is there a limit to downloading the video I purchased?

A: The video that you purchased must be downloaded within 14 days of the purchase. During this period, you will be able to download the standard version, and the data optimized for smartphone device.

Q: Is there a limit to playing the video I purchased?

A: The video that you purchased is available for playing again and again anytime.

Q: Is there a dedicated video player for the downloaded video?

A: LOAD SHOW does not have a dedicated video player for downloads. Please use a video player that is compliant with MPEG-4 (h.264) files to watch the video.

Q: How can I purchase English subtitled versions of films?

A: English subtitled version films are available for purchase on the English website and are limited to recommended films. Please be aware that we do not have On and Off functions for English subtitles.

Q: Can I watch the downloaded video from a smartphone or a tablet?

A: At LOAD SHOW, we have video data that is optimized for smartphone devices. After purchase, go to My Page and download the videos corresponding to your device, and play the video on a video player compliant with MPEG-4 (h.264) files that you have in your possession. Even when watching videos optimized for smartphone devices on a smartphone or a tablet, we recommend that you download the video on a PC.


Q: I'm having trouble playing the films.

A: Please make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi. If your device uses the 3G network or mobile network through smartphones, the connection tends to be unstable which causes the videos to freeze.

Q: Is there a time limit for viewing?

A: Including the date of purchase, you have 14 days to view the video. Within that period, you can watch it as many times as you like.

Q: Is there an official player?

A: You can play the videos through My Page. However, you need to install Adobe Flash Player to view films on your computer. Adobe Flash Player by Adobe Systems Incorporated can be installed for free. *Note that you can view the films in full-screen by double clicking the computer screen.

Q: Is there videos with English subtitles?

A: In English site, you can buy videos with English subtitles. LOAD SHOW videos is not equipped with a function to switch subtitles off.

Q: Can I view the videos on my smartphone and my tablet?

A: You can view the videos through the media player on My Page; however, please check the recommended system requirement for the device.

About free videos

You can stream or download films by logging in. If you haven't registered, please go to the Join page and complete your registration.

Difference in the quality of downloaded videos

In general, when the source of the downloaded video is of HD (high-density) quality, then the video will be provided in HD. If the source video is in SD (standard) quality, then it will be provided in SD. (This is indicated on the details screen of each video.) Downloaded videos optimized for smartphone devices will be delivered in quality that is optimized for a small screen.

Account information

Confirmation of and changes to account information, as well as password changes can be done on My Page. Click Member Information at the top left of My Page and proceed to the corresponding page of your choice.

When issue is not resolved with the above information

If your issue is not resolved with the information provided above, please send an email to info@loadshow.jp.

Please do not use the purchased videos for reasons other than for your own entertainment, such as viewing and distributing for commercial purposes.