Fish Detector

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An 8mm film shot in 2007, produced by Daisuke Hasebe known for his film “Drifting Clouds”in 2010 which drew many attention from movie watchers. Hasebe, who says of his desire to“reproduce the past,” explains this film as a “reproduction of a past memory that I've known”. A unmissable 18 min by an up-and-coming film maker.

Porn magazine writer Akane has come to attend his niece Yuri’s funeral with his daughter Haruko. He is feeling nervous because the deadline for his articles is approaching. When Akane finds Haruko flirting with Yuri—or what must be Yuri’s ghost—the three of them start playing hide and seek, but soon the innocent game takes an unexpected turn… Drama with an air of immorality taking place behind the closed door of a closet.

Director : Daisuke Hasebe
Screenplay : Daisuke Hasebe
Director of Photography : Nao Okabe
Lighting Technician : Eimei Kanamura
Music : Kokeshi
Production Manager : Sumie Sato
Production : Daisuke Hasebe
Art Director : Takuma Kuwako
Film Editor : Daisuke Hasebe
Assistant Director : io ota

Kiwao Nomura Mariko Ishige Rinko Suzuki Rie Minato Eimei Kanamura Juri Harada

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