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The latest film directed by Tadashi Nohara, who served as script writer and producer in Ryusuke Hamaguchi's film "Happy Hour"(Winner of Best Actress at Festival del film Locarno 2015). He shot this film all on location, and which starring two actress, Kumiko Ito(Ryoko Yoshida's film "The Passion") and Kaho Tsuchimura(Kaizo Hayashi's film "MIROKU"). He hoped to shoot their own beauty and charm. This film was screened at Hiroshima International Film Festival 2015.

In order to investigate her brother's death, Kayoko visits Mizuki, her brother's girlfriend. As strangers to each other, they behave guardedly, descending a mountain path in a mid-summer. Like straightening a tangled string, their mismatched conversation begins to make sense. "Do you remember his finger?"--- When the two girls slowly remember their brother's or partner's death, they gently but passionately sympathize with each other.

Director : Tadashi Nohara
Screenplay : Mikiya Takagi
Director of Photography : Yutaka Aoki
Assistant Camera : Soichiro Yahiro
Sound Operator : Takuro Kouchi
Music : Akira Hanaeda
Film Editor : Keiko Kimura
Assistant Director : Tomoko Toyama
Stylist : Kazuyo Koiso
Make Up & Hair : Shinji Hashimoto
Sound Effect : Hiroki Matsuura
Assistant Make Up & Hair : Maiko Naka

Kumiko Ito Kaho Tsuchimura Takuya Nagaoka

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