I'm ten, then I'll catch eleven.

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"I'm ten, then I'll catch eleven." is the director Jimbo’s debut feature. It was nominated for the new director award of Directors Guild of Japan.The idea of this film came from his real experience in Bhutan, of a local person catching a cockroach at Paro Airport in Bhutan and releasing it to the sky. Jimbo was impressed that idea of reincarnation is deeply rooted in their life. On the contrary, people in Japan celebrate Christmas and go to shrines or temples on New Year'sDay a week after. Noticing the contradiction, Shogo takes a surprising action. This film sheds light on views of religion in present-day Japan.

An elementary school boy, Shogo, catches insects and collects them at home every day during his school's winter break. Shogo knows there is a much larger insect collection in his father's room, which is always locked. But when his father Toru comes back from his job overseas, where he is touched by the reincarnation philosophy of India and Bhutan, he tells Shogo that he doesn't want to collect insects anymore. Shogo's grandfather, Tadashi, treats his dead wife's ashes as a living figure, but the noodles Tadashi gives her remains in a bowl. “Has grandma reincarnated into something else?” Seeing adults' different views of life and death, Shogo wonders what death is all about.

Director : Yoshimasa Jimbo
Screenplay : Yoshimasa Jimbo
Director of Photography : Yu Nimiya
Lighting Technician : Ryuki Okuyama
Sound Operator : Noboru Miyai
Music : moshimoss Yasuyuki Iida
Sound Editor : Noboru Miyai
Art Director : Setsuko Shiokawa
Film Editor : Yoshimasa Jimbo
Producer : Masayoshi Johnai
Support : Cineastes Organization Osaka

Hibiki Hamada Shion Seto Kosho Karmula Airi Ichikawa Toshiaki Torii Takayuki Hiramoto Mayumi Ogawa

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