Erotic Coffee

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Produced for a short story film festival, Yuko Watanabe's attempt in this piece was to eliminate the border between "the length of time that went by in a movie" and the "length of time which passes in the audiences viewing the movie". A sneak- peek short story of a couple, in a scene that one might run into in town.

As people passes by the busy station square, a man wearing a white shirt and a pair of black slacks is standing next to a automatic photo stand. Then a smart, good looking woman passes his side before entering a cafe. The man seems to knows the woman. The man follows her in to the cafe. Just a short ten minute conversation over a cup of coffee, shared by the two.

Director : Yuko Watanabe
Screenplay : Yuko Watanabe
Director of Photography : Kazuyuki Baba
Sound Operator : Daisuke Ohhori
Music : Kouji Yamada
Sound Editor : Sae Miyoshi
Film Editor : Ryoko Yamamoto
Assistant Director : Kou Sakai Ayako Takenaka
Cooperation : Amaatei Peaks
English Subtitles : Shunsuke Murata(Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy)

Jiro Shigemori Midori Takano Seiko Miyaji

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