Like Nothing Happened(short version)
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A maiden work by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, and the origin to his later masterpieces "PASSION" (08), and the 255 min long "Intimacies" (12). The unusual, usual life and the ever wandering souls of 5 young men and women, captured in 8mm film.

Matsui came to Tokyo for a summer course at a preparatory school, to challenge the college entrance exam once again. Also his high school friend Rie, was a student attending the same course. But Matsui had different plans besides attending school. He was planning to meet Ikuko, another girl friend who had left for Tokyo a little earlier than him. Matsui made an appointment with Ikuko, but she already had previous plans to meet other men (played by Okamoto, and Hamaguchi). Mean while Rie attempts to go on a date with Matsui. The film captures a ordinary life of five young souls, each struggling with their youth, and trying to come across each other. "Directing this film was such a joy, just watching the actors facial expressions were something (besides mine, ofcourse) ” says director.

Director : Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Screenplay : Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Director of Photography : Jun Watanabe Ryusuke Hamaguchi Kenjiro Totsuji
Sound Operator : Kazushi Inoue
Music : ROMAN
Production Manager : Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Film Editor : Ryusuke Hamaguchi
English Subtitles : Aaron Dodson(Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy)

Tomo Matsui Ryusuke Hamaguchi Hideyuki Okamoto Ikuko Endo Rie Ishii more

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