FRAGMENTS Tokyo murder case

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Last of the three films produced during his attendance at Rikkyo University . This was filmed in a extreme hurry, for it's demand to be handed in for the entrance exam at the Tokyo University of Art. This is the orgin of Kato's often seen sonic experimentations, and one of his early films which widely introduced his talent and creativity as a film maker to the critics and the industry.

A film unique of it's contrast, capturing a day of an ordinary college girl, eventually overwhelmed by the flooding sound of noise . The noise continues to over flood the peaceful mid day in Ikebukuro public park, until it is shut down by an arrival of a sudden unexpected death. The sound continues to resonate within each and everyone who was at the spot, even after the noise had died out.

Director : Naoki Kato
Screenplay : Naoki Kato
Director of Photography : Noriaki Sugihara Naoki Kato
Sound Operator : Yusuke Fukuhara Naoki Kato
Film Editor : Naoki Kato
Original : Keisuke Masuda
English Subtitles : Jessi Nuss(Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy)

Toshiyuki Ozu Keisuke Masuda Guitar Live:Electric Ritsuo Kanazawa Live:Synthesizer Chie Suzuki Hiroki Sakanoshita

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FRAGMENTS of Space Debris is an exclusive re-edited soundtrack produced by experimental music unit "Sierror!〽 (Sierra!) " which consists of Kato himself, and also kato's long time collaborator Keisuke Masuda, whom he had worked with Kato since "FRAGMENTS Tokyo Murder Case" to the upcoming new film which is now in progress.
A special music piece will be bundled for everyone who had downloaded the film.
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