Man On The Sand

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A short film by Satoshi Murakami. Produced in 2012.This is a fiction produced under the influence of the catastrophe ongoing, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear accident. This film draw allegorical the people living under the enormous power that can’t be understood and controlled to them.And screened at 65th International Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.

On a premise of a prison, a guard dressed in protective clothing, who is in charge of cleaning of the sandy beach known as the special government-owned land, has been cleaning the beach as usual today. When he was finished with the cleaning, a chief guard dressed in the same protective clothing comes to the beach to take the three condemned criminals.The beach of the sea has the power to take the lives of a person who has touched the sands, and the death penalty had been executed by using such supernatural power in this prison...

Director : Satoshi Murakami
Screenplay : Satoshi Murakami
Director of Photography : Satoshi Murakami
Sound Operator : Hayato Kawaguchi
Music : Satoshi Murakami
Sound Editor : Satoshi Murakami
Production Manager : Hiroshi Ando Ayumi Matsuura Yojiro Daityo Kosei Kawamoto
Art Director : Masahiro Shiga
Film Editor : Satoshi Murakami
Producer : Eisei Natsukawa
Computer Graphics : Designers Apartment

Takahiro Mizuma Satoshi Shinohara Yasushi Furukawa Akira Sato Satoshi Izumi

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