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A film by Wataru Kudo, who is also known as the organizer of “Eiga Taro” screening various keep- a-watch-out indie films. A story about a young baseball player and his first love, and the absence of his family, and his loneliness he must cope. This film was selected in domestic and international film festivals beginning with Ca Foscari Film Festival in Italy, and his most recent work “Electric Kiss” was screened on Hamburg Japan Film Festival in Germany, which had opened doors for wide range of film watchers.

Kotaro, a very young but dedicated baseball player, is annoyed with Sachiko, a woman brought by his baseball coach to the practice ground. Despite his initial dislike for Sachiko’s attitude, Kotaro starts to romanticize about a relationship between grown-ups.

Director : Wataru Kudo
Screenplay : Wataru Kudo
Director of Photography : Masahiro Ota Wataru Hiranami
Sound Operator : Tatsuya Ozeki
Production Manager : Kazuyoshi Masuda Daisuke Endo Yosuke Kunitani
Production : Wataru Kudo
Make Up : Eri Sato
Film Editor : Wataru Kudo

Ryohei Sato Shuko Urata Takanori Sekiguchi Yusuke Nishioka

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