Echo Never Goes Out
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A short story by Naoki Kato produced as a part of Sendai Short Piece Film Festival's movie production project “3.11 Tomorrow”. A 3 min 11sec piece captured in film, driving nearly1000 km in the land of Fukushima, which also was a location for Kato's commercial movie debut “Abraxas no Matsuri” .

2011 April, right after the disaster, Kato received an email from Sendai Short Peace saying "We are still planning to do a film festival this year as well, but we're not sure whether it is possible to open in full scale. Therefore, I'd like to know if it is possible for you to film a short story. Please let me know if you like the idea”. “I don't know if I can finish the film, to tell you the truth, but I want to give it a try” was Kato 's reply. He was not sure with the tight schedule given only a week, and first of all, he as not sure what wanted to capture in a film. It felt like it was a project with no exit. One thing he was sure about was that he really wanted to make a piece of music, a tune. So Kato sets his feet to Fukushima all alone, driving nearly 1000km realizing there actually were many sights and scenary he wanted to record for a film. After all, Fukushima is a vast land.

Director : Naoki Kato
Director of Photography : Naoki Kato
Sound Operator : Naoki Kato
Music : Keisuke Masuda
Film Editor : Hiroshi Suzuki
Cooperation : Yasuhiro Morinaga Tetsushi Nanbada HAMON studio
English Subtitles : Mari Amano(Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy)


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