Wataru Kudo 工藤 渉
Born in Aomori 1983, and currently a staff at film school ENBU Seminar. His film "Little/Boy", a love story of a young baseball player went on to be selected at various film festivals, and eventually was filmed at the Ca Foscari Film Festival in Italy. "When there is you, I am sad" was filmed at TAMA NEW WAVE's A Certain Regard category in the following year of 2011. His latest work "Electric Kiss" was filmed at Namburg Germany Japan Film Festival. Also known as the founder of indie film festival, Eiga Taro Film Festival.

A film by Wataru Kudo, who is also known as the organizer of “Eiga Taro” screening various keep- a-watch-out indie films. A ...

2010 #Download #English Subtitles #Short Film

Price : $10
Little/Boy (20min/Color) Screened at the Ca Foscari Film Festival in Italy
When there is you, I am sad (43min/Color)
Electric Kiss (46min/Color) Screened at the Hamburg Germany Japan Film Festival.
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