Tadashi Nohara 野原 位
Born 1983 in Tochigi, A Japanese film director. Graduated Meiji Univ. faculty of Science and Engineering. Entered Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts’ visual laboratory postgraduate course in 2007, and studied under Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Directed the film “Kyoko” starring Shinobu Terajima, which is a part of the omnibus film ”LUSH LIFE”(2009) based on Kotaro Isaka’s novel. As his graduation work, he directed the film “Elephant Love ”(2009) starring Issei Ishida. In 2013 he moved to Kobe, and participated in “Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s  Impromptu Performance Workshop In Kobe” as a member of 'HATANOKOBO' which was a group of script writers. And he worked as a script writer and line producer on Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s latest film ”Happy Hour”(2015) which won a special mention for the movie’s script.

The latest film directed by Tadashi Nohara, who served as script writer and producer in Ryusuke Hamaguchi's film "Happy Hour"...

2015 #Streaming #Download #Middle Film

Price : $6 〜 12.5
Elephant Love (101min/Color)
talk to remember (30min/Color)
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