Shinsuke Kurimoto 栗本 慎介
Kurimoto was born in Aichi 1979, entered Waseda University conservatorium space picture department after graduating Nagoya Institute of Technology and experiencing few years as a company man. “SMALL WORLD”(2007) which was taken during his Waseda years was invited for a screening at the Frankfurt Germany Film Festival Nippon Connection. In 2008, Kurimoto enters Tokyo Art University Graduate School Picture Graduate Course as fourth grader of the directing domain, and studied under directors Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and Takeshi Kitano. “Desert Of The Person ~Old Woman Is Dead” which was produced during this period in 2009, starring Shigeru Muroi, was screened at large scale theaters such as Shinjuku Wald 9. Kurimoto is currently in works of his own film as well as working as an assistant director for commercial films.
SMALL WORLD (17min/Color)
Desert of the person~Old woman is dead~ (Color)
cage (61min/Color)
To the town of August (20min/Color) Screened at the Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2011
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