Naoki Kato 加藤 直輝
Born in 1980, Tokyo. Rikkyo University French Literature Department graduate, and was a member of the Univ.'s film club while attending. In 2007, completes graduate course at the Tokyo University of Art ( movie supervision domain first graduate) . Completion production work "A Bao A Qu" was nominated for the twelfth Pusan International Film Festival competition section, and Germany or Australia were amongst many countries to screen the film. In 2010, makes commecial movie debut by directing and co-writing the script for " Abraxas" ( Originally written by Sokyu Gennyuu, appearances made by musician Suneo Hair, actress Rie Tomosaka, and music byYoshihide Otomo) . The film was successfully screened at Sundance Film Festival 2011, and also at Pusan International Film Festival 2010.

A short story by Naoki Kato produced as a part of Sendai Short Piece Film Festival's movie production project “3.11 Tomorrow...

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Last of the three films produced during his attendance at Rikkyo University .This was filmed in a extreme hurry, for it's dem...

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a perfect pain (73min/Color)
FRAGMENTS Tokyo murder case (16min/Color)
Nice View (47min/Color)
A Bao A Qu (85min/Color)
Abraxas (113min/Color)
Echo Never Goes Out (3min/Color)
2045 Carnival Folklore (93min/Part Color)
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