Satoshi Murakami 村上 智
Born in Hyogo,Japan in 1980. Graduated from Kansai University majoring in Philosophy.Then, I worked at Dentsu Creative X (advertising production company) as a director/assistant director, while also making films.In 2008, “traces” has been screened at “NEO JAPAN program” in Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. In 2012, “Man On The Sand” has been screened at “Short Film Corner” in The65th Festival de CANNES. And now, I’m working as a freelance director and scenario writer.

A short film by Satoshi Murakami. Produced in 2012.This is a fiction produced under the influence of the catastrophe ongoing,...

2012 #Public Appeal #Streaming #Download #English Subtitles

Price : $5 〜 10
traces (9min/color) “Neo Japan Program” in Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2008)
Kensaku-Shounen PV (5min/color) “Jury Special Award (Masashi Kawamura Award)” in Tavito Nanao’s Kensaku-Sho unen PV contest)
Man On The Sand (15min/color) “Short Film Corner” in The 65th Festival de CANNES “Japan Off Theater” in SAPPORO Short Fest 2012 Finalist of FUKAYA Indies Film Festival 2012
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